About Us

We are a hard working Australian business dedicated to building and developing our branch network by partnering with employees, customers and suppliers, ultimately delivering high quality, reliable products and services.

We understand that our customers want to deal with someone who understands their needs and strives to develop strong ongoing relationships based on solid service and professional, informed advice.

We source and distribute electrical products to a wide range of sectors including data and communications, residential, commercial, oil and gas and industrial mining. Thanks to our comprehensive stock profile, we can source that ‘hard to find’ product from a number of product categories including, but not limited to:

  • Air movement and cooling
  • Appliance spares
  • Batteries and torches
  • Cable management
  • Cable power
  • Circuit protection
  • Communications
  • Conduit fittings
  • Connectors terminals
  • Data and communications
  • Domestic switchgear
  • Cable trays and ladders
  • Enclosures and accessories
  • Hardware consumables
  • Home automation
  • Industrial switchgear
  • Lamps
  • Leads
  • Plugs and sockets
  • Lighting and light poles
  • Metering measurement
  • Motor control motors
  • Process control gear
  • Safety products
  • Security door entry
  • Sight sound warning
  • Solar solutions
  • Tools
  • Transformers ups and TV audio
  • Hazardous area products
cnw about us

Our Quality

Systems and procedures

To ensure we provide our customers with superior, efficient service and high quality products we have implemented a series of systems and procedures to continually improve stock profile and operation.

Stock control software

Sophisticated stock control software is utilised to ensure we know exactly what is available and where it is. This enables us to coordinate our branch network and achieve accurate, prompt supply on time.

Knowledgeable staff

To ensure we continue to provide solid service and professional, informed advice we are committed to continually training staff on the latest news, products and technologies. To achieve this we have invested in a companywide intranet, content driven platform and integrated training facility, complete with an experienced Training Manager.

State of the art computer technologies

We also utilise locally developed, state of the art computer technologies to improve the effectiveness of our staff and enhance the overall customer experience.

Quality assured

CNW Electrical Wholesale & Energy Solutions is quality assured to meet the requirements of AS/NZS ISO9001:2008. This system is regularly monitored and audited by certifying body – BSI Group.

cnw our quality

Our Services

Superior service

We understand that superior service is key to success. That’s why we are committed to developing and maintaining strong, ongoing relationships with customers based on high quality products, solid service and professional, informed advice.

Always one step ahead

We are always one step ahead, continually improving our product knowledge and staying up to date on the latest industry trends. When our customers decide to move in a new direction we are right there with them, providing professional advice and the right products.

Dedicated delivery fleet

We also employ a dedicated delivery fleet to ensure optimum service levels and timely delivery, free of charge. You can rest easy knowing that we will go above and beyond to supply the right products on time.

cnw our Branches

Our Branches

We currently operate more than 55 branches across all Australian states and territories. This enables us to service Australia’s electrical industry while catering to specific needs in specialised sectors, including data and communications, residential, commercial, oil and gas and industrial mining.

Furthermore all Branch Managers have the power to make decisions immediately and answer any urgent or special requests without a lengthy approval process. This is possible because our company does not believe in a stringent corporate hierarchy but rather empowers Branch Managers to make informed business decisions and run their branch as if it were their own business.

Our STORE LOCATOR can direct you to your closest CNW branch.