your business partner

We are dedicated to operating as your business partner to ensure we have focused goals to support you and your operations. Since our establishment we have been going the extra mile to understand the needs of our customers’ businesses – we help you get exactly what you want, when you want it.

Not only do you get superior service, high quality products and informed advice, you also get peace of mind knowing you are dealing with an independently owned and operated Australian business that has worked through a multitude of challenges to provide the right solutions for a range of customers.

Thanks to our extensive industry experience, highly knowledgeable staff, comprehensive product database, strong working relationships and positive attitude, we can tailor your energy efficiency solution quickly and efficiently, without a fuss.

Superior Service

To achieve superior service we:

  • Always try to exceed customer expectations by going the extra mile to understand your needs and manage expectations.
  • Track changes in your expectations over time by constantly monitoring industry trends to identify and adjust to changing conditions. This ensures we continue to cater for our diverse range of consumers.
  • Make a strong first impression by employing friendly, knowledgeable staff to ensure you feel good about each transaction you make with CNW Energy Saving Solutions. By doing this we aim to enhance long term relationships and create a lasting impression.
  • Have put appropriate measures in place to ensure you can contact us with ease. We also regularly reach out to you in order to enhance service satisfaction and build lasting relationships.
  • Regularly assesses our performance by conducting service satisfaction surveys to identify important product attributes before analysing our performance against those attributes and looking at how both change over time.
  • Solicit input directly from our employees because we believe in giving everyone a voice and have found that our staff are great at identifying roadblocks to superior service delivery and customer dissatisfaction. We have also found that involving our employees in company operations enhances their attitude and improves overall performance.
  • Regularly conduct employee attitude surveys to measure and improve employee satisfaction.
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