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Energy efficiency and lighting system performance upgrade for Inside Sportz –Strathpine Brisbane.

Inside Sportz is a popular indoor sports centre which offers indoor cricket, soccer and netball, and outdoor beach volleyball.

Good lighting is critical for indoor sports and although the centre’s old mercury vapour lighting system was working, rising energy bills and maintenance costs were becoming a major concern for the centre owner. He turned to the reliability and experience of CNW Energy Saving Solutions to provide better lighting and reduced costs.

CNW Energy Saving Solutions worked closely with the centre owner to understand the key challenges associated with an indoor sports centre so they could design the most appropriate and cost-effective lighting solution. CNW Energy Saving Solutions measured the site and conducted computer aided lighting designs to ensure the lighting levels and uniformity was going to meet the visual challenge of an extremely fast moving ball.

CNW Energy Saving Solutions needed to ensure the new installation would provide high quality lighting from all angles, avoid glare, be highly efficient, be safe and reliable, and be able to be turned on and off quickly. As part of the design process, CNW Energy Saving Solutions conducted lighting trials to make sure it was the best overall outcome for the centre, whilst also ensuring the project had provided a solid return on investment and reduced costs.


The final solution for the court playing areas was found in an unexpected technology - metal halide which is not usually considered in modern fit-outs. However in close consultation with the Japanese lighting manufacturer further tests were done on the new metal halide lights to ensure maximum efficiency, high lighting quality and long life in a very hot environment. High output T5 fluorescent fittings were used in the general public and viewing areas,which gives the centre more flexibility as they can be turned on and off as needed and will light up immediately.

This new lighting also has the benefit of increased colour rendering which assists in the overall clarity and appearance of the centre, whilst still achieving significantly lower energy costs.

The installation was completed in just four days with no disruption to the operation of the centre thanks to the co-operation of the centre owner and the experience and dedication of the installation team.

The centre owner was particularly impressed with the flexibility of the solution, the vastly improved lighting of the centre, and the ongoing cost savings.

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